Magnolia buds -seasonal treats

Magnolia buds -seasonal treats

Besides birch sap and cherry season this is one of my favourite very short lived seasonal harvests.

Magnolia petals come in many sizes and each has slightly different flavour. They are all edible and possess a lovely cardamom/ginger flavour that works well with Asian dishes or salad accompaniment. This post isn’t about plant ID,  please check your own guides for proper identification.  please never take more than you need from a tree even if it is your own! Leave plenty for nature :) 

Scroll down for the recipe.


Besides it’s tasty addition to the diet magnolia bark and flower buds are also used in medicine in a number of situations such as aiding digestion, inflammation, stress and anxiety conditions, and respiratory problems such as cold and hay fever symptoms.

They have also been used in toothaches where the flower bud is directly applied to the gums.

Please note, as always you should consult a practitioner before embarking on any new treatments, email us if you have any questions.



A Small jar of about 10 magnolia buds requires the following:


250ml light vinegar (apple cider/rice wine or a mix)

100-150g sugar (caster/brown) feel free to reduce to suit taste 



Remove the petals from the hairy sepal and gently fill your jar.

Warm the vinegar and sugar until the sugar has dissolved.

Pour over the petals until filled.

Carefully push the petals under the vinegar and pop on the lid.

The petals will gradually float to the top, so make sure to keep pushing them under, or shake daily to ensure everything gets a good soak.

They’ll be ready in a week, then you can add them to salads or our favourite to use them in place of kimchi /pickled ginger in ramen or sushi dishes.

This is a simple recipe we find allows the delicate magnolia flavours to be appreciated, but feel free to add anything like a sliver of ginger/ couple of peppercorns for example.


Please note, we don’t know what you may be allergic to so please use your own judgement before trying anything new. Magnolia is generally very well tolerated, but we can’t accept responsibility for anything that you eat or make for others!


With that said, we hope you enjoy :)

Magnolia flower buds March spring

We gathered 20 buds this morning enough for 2 jars and some to dehydrate for later use in herbal teas. Delicious!

Using our own apple cider vinegar from last year, as we have plenty, it’s great for the digestion and it’s tastes amazing with the delicate magnolia.

Magnolia petals pickled in apple cider vinegar March 2021

Filling the jars, they look so pretty!

Floating magnolia pickled in acv vinegar pink petals herbalist

The petals will float, and lose their colour just mix every day to make sure all petals get a soak.



Any questions or if you give this a try, let us know over @ar_botanical_herbal

Or drop us an email


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