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Immunity and keeping yourself well 🌿


I have always held back on providing online information as our health is complex and oftentimes needs specific individualised attention which I offer in private clinic, but I feel some light could be shed here.

However, I’d like to summarise a few main pointers for supporting your immune health and clarify them in my own words and natural health approach.

🍎 eat healthily! I say eat the rainbow....daily 🌈 fibre is super vital as are all the micronutrients in fruit and veg, pulses, nuts and beans

💤 get a good nights sleep (minimum 7 hours, 8 has been suggested, (this would be bliss for most parents of young ones!) get rest when you can

💊 vitamins particularly vitamin D

You NEED fresh air and sunlight every day to provide most of this, it is also found in oily fish, egg yolk, fortified foods. Supplements, please speak to your natural health practitioner, they can recommend for you personally

💃 exercise, daily moderate exercise (again get outside, dance with your kids, have fun and get out of breath)

🥺 reduce chronic stress, the effects of constant underlying stress,anxiety and grief and clinically known to affect your immune response.

🥶cold shower bursts daily sea swimming friends will get this one. I also recommend skin brushing benefits (google it!)

🍷 alcohol misuse. super important considering most people’s understandable current lockdown reaction! Important to avoid binge drinking. Alcohol will significantly reduce immune response to all invaders. I must also add to this the negative effects of smoking in the immune system.

🙌 massage. Having worked as an aromatherapist I have seen the effects of massage and particular plant oils on health, lymphatics and immune strength. Touch is vital. Self massage great if you can’t get a willing person! Hopefully our therapists will be able to provide much needed support before long

🌿 now onto plant medicine

Elderberry and garlic are super powerful, but as a food rather than financially profitable supplement there isn’t quite the same pharmaceutical backed research, but through 100s of years of use (empirical knowldege) and many independent studies we know the huge benefits. Elderberry is anticatarrhal, and super in supporting infection control, moderating fever and immune support, reducing inflammation as well as it’s benefits to heart and skin. There are many other organ/illness specific herbs ..too many for one post!!

I make elderberry tonics, vinegars and elixirs yearly for my patients and friends. It is our UK version of echinacea ...

🍃 Echinacea amazing medicine, originally used by North American people’s often in wounds, infections and pain. It became hugely over harvested in the wild and is often over used.

My philosophy is that I use it where a person would really benefit from it...often alongside other herbs to target respiratory, digestive system etc, ie. taylor made prescriptions. It is not generally recommended used for Long periods of time as a ‘flu preventative’ but to tackle illness when it arises. This makes it most effective and reduces risk of overuse.

Keep well, keep questioning and carry on growing 😊


As a herbalist I grow here in the UK and produce sustainable herbal medicines which are used after consultation to tackle most health problems you would visit your doctor for.


The holistic approach means herbs are chosen for individual needs, genetics, lifestyle factors rather than one herb being fitted to a condition.


For more information and booking consultations live or over zoom please get in touch 🌿

 nb. Please always check with your own practitioner before making major changes in your healthcare, especially regarding taking concurrent medicines, during pregnancy, and during poor health. We cannot assess your specific needs for health care without a formal consultation. Your health is always your responsibility, enjoy. Best wishes 

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